Emerald Human Services - EHS

Residential Care & Treatment Services

 Emerald Human Services provides Intermediate Care Facility for children up to 17 years of age with an emotional, Intellectual, and Developmental Disability or Related Conditions. Our individualized plan of care is developed based on the needs and choices of the children and their families. The unique needs of the children are the focus of the plan of care. Our professional staff work with the children and their families to develop a plan based on the children's skills, strengths, and desires. Plans include comprehensive medical and therapy services and skill development programs. EHS provides 24-hour residential services, comprehensive and individualized health care, including physician, nursing, and dental services, skills training, professional therapies, adaptive aids, vocational programs, and rehabilitation services to children to promote their independence.

Our proposed facility will be equipped to care for 50 individuals, including 25 private rooms, a cafeteria, living and socializing areas, and entertainment facilities. Our goal is to meet the social, physical, mental, recreational, educational, and vocational needs of all of our residents.

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Immigrants & Refugees Support system

We provide a haven where immigrants and refugees may come to mend, to heal, and to be restored from a traumatized past. Our transitional housing units provide an opportunity for individuals and families to begin the process of inner healing by placing them in a warm, positive, and supportive environment to encourage lifestyle changes. We have several transitional housing facilities to provide separate units for each group (i.e. men, women, teenagers, and/or families), and serve 6 residents per unit.

We offer 10 transitional housing units. Our Transitional Living Program is a combination of homes and apartment units. The units include two to three bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and bathrooms. Residents are assigned duties to maintain their rooms and living areas. Our resident managers supervise the residents and a staff member will live in the facility. No one else will live in the facility. The facility is used for our transitional living program only.

Residents may stay at the facility for a maximum of 6 months. During their stay, residents will be required to attend counseling sessions and life skills workshops based on their specific needs.

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